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Association for Environmental & Outdoor education

AEOE strengthens environmental education in California by connecting providers, building professional expertise, and championing environmental literacy and outdoor learning.


The Collective Impact of EE Providers

In 2023, AEOE embarked on a collective impact initiative — a landscape analysis of environmental education efforts in California. This project was the result of a collective desire to gain an enhanced understanding of the environmental education providers in our state who are working towards similar goals.

To understand the landscape of environmental education in California, we developed a survey tool and conducted outreach to more than seven hundred environmental education providers. The analysis resulted in the development of resources and tools for looking at the field as a whole. These tools can be used to strengthen environmental education programs in our state; build the capacity of our sector to advance outdoor learning and environmental literacy; and raise awareness for how to make compensation, benefits, recruitment, and hiring in environmental education more equitable.

This effort is led by AEOE and is part of a joint data initiative in partnership with the California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI) and Ten Strands, that focuses on data relevant to Community-Based Partners that operate and provide environmental education programs in California.

This project is made possible through the generous support of the Pisces Foundation, Clarence E. Heller Foundation, Ten Strands, and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). We also appreciate EcoRise, the NAAEE Affiliate Network, and Map Nerd Consulting for their partnership, collaboration, and skills directed towards the project. 

EE Provider Landscape Results & Analysis Tools

EE Provider Survey Analysis Summary

Click here to access the analysis of survey findingsThe survey results provide information about organizational structures, staff, programming, and business models.

EE Provider Survey Dashboard

Click here to explore the findings from the EE provider survey yourself. Adjust the filters on the left to explore the data collected on EE organizations as well as programs. 

California eeGuidance for Equitable Pay & Hiring in Environmental Education

Adopt more inclusive hiring practices and address inequities in compensation and benefits packages to make our field more equitable, welcome, and sustainable. Click here to access to guidelines

Environmental Education in K-12 Schools

The Data Initiative for Environmental and Climate Action in California's TK–12 Schools is an interactive data set (filterable by county or district), that communicates data related to scale, equity, context, and progress on indicators of environmental and climate action in schools. The data for this initiative is being collected and analyzed in partnership by Ten Strands and UndauntedK12, with support and contributions from the UC Berkeley Data Science Discovery Program and members of the California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI).  

The initiative provides Broader Context data that can help foster understanding of any supportive context for change in a particular region and better anticipate challenges and opportunities for change. It can also help regional leaders and community based partners to identify possible partnerships for action.

It also provides data on Indicators for Environmental and Climate Action by District, which aims to identify to what extent each school district in California has taken environmental and climate action based on common indicators that demonstrate some level of investment. These data can help regional leaders and community based partners to identify potential gaps in environmental education and opportunities for partnerships to support districts with their initiatives.


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